Μεθώνη, GR
4:06 am,
temperature icon 12°C
Humidity 80 %
Wind 31 Km/h
Wind Gust: 48 Km/h


Methoni is one of the most historic towns in the Peloponnese being famous for its strategic and commercial port. It is located at the southwestern extremity of the Prefecture of Messinia and at a distance of 61 km from the city of Kalamata. It is characterized by its wonderful landscapes and monuments and every year attracts many visitors. The castle of Methoni is one of the largest in the Mediterranean and is built on ancient walls. A very special architectural construction inside the castle of Methoni is Bourtzi, a small sea fortress built on a small islet on the southern side of the castle.

The harmonious coexistence of the old element with the modern one offers a special colour to the area. The natural beauties, the historical monuments, and the wonderful beaches, in combination with the perfect tourist infrastructure, have made Methoni one of the most popular tourist resorts of the southern Peloponnese. Opposite Methoni there is a group of islands, Oinousses consisting of three small islands Schiza, Sapientza, and Agia Marina.