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Sapientza is the second-largest island of the Messinian Oinousses after Schiza. It is located off the southwest coast of Messinia, opposite Methoni, and is a verdant island with rare flora. Southwest of Sapienza is the deepest point of the Mediterranean, known as the moat or well of Oinousses, with a depth of 5,121m. The highest point of the island is 219m. The access to the island is made by tourist boats departing from Methoni. Sapientza is located on an important maritime route linking Italy and the Middle East.

Several shipwrecks have occurred on its shores, some of which carried a particularly significant cargo, of great importance to archaeologists nowadays.

One of the wrecks carried granite columns from the grand Colonnaded Courtyard [Peristyle] built by King Herod in Caesarea, Palestine in the 1st c. AD. while another contained important Roman sarcophagi. In the southern part of the island, there is a lighthouse built-in 1885. It has a height of 8 meters and a focal height of 110 meters. Going up 75 stone stairs we reach the top. From there you can see the famous heart-shaped islet, known as Diadelfi. The lighthouse was built at the request of Queen Victoria of England.

In Sapientza you will find enchanting beaches and trails that will whet your appetite for unique experiences. Ammos, the beach with tamarisk trees in a row on the white sandy beach and the dense bushy vegetation in contrast to the clear blue waters make you feel that you have found the exotic island you were looking for. During summertime it is full of life and is the No. 1 destination of the island. Other places worth visiting are Kokkina, an impressive beach where you will be impressed by its steep beauty and serene view, Magazakia, the jetty that is the passage to the path to Spartolakka and Koumarodasos and Porto Longo, a natural harbour with unique beauty that gives the visitor the opportunity to reach the lighthouse of Sapientza through the path. If you go to the lighthouse you will enjoy the view from above of the famous heart-shaped island Diadelfi.


Agia Marina is an island of the Messinian Oinousses. It is a small uninhabited island with an almost round shape located between the islands of Schiza and Sapientza. It is relatively flat with its highest point not exceeding 30 meters. At this highest point there is a small church dedicated to Agia Marina. Every year on July 17, a day celebrated by the church, believers visit the island from the opposite Messinian coast.


In the southwestern part of the Messinian land, between Methoni and Koroni, is Finikounda, a picturesque seaside resort with peaceful sandy beaches and turquoise waters.

The beaches of Finikounda (port), Anemomylos, Mavrovouni, Koumbares, Chelonaki, Lampes, Loutsa, Kantouni, Mikro and Megalo Marathi offer vacationers everything they dream of for their summer vacation: beautiful sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, relaxation and carefreeness.

Pylos is amphitheatrically built at the southern opening of the bay of Navarino, where the historic naval battle took place, facing the island of Sphakteria. It is the largest natural port of the Peloponnese and at the same time one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Messinia.
Close to Pylos is the cosmopolitan Gialova with Costa Navarino and the bay of Voidokoilia, areas of exceptional natural beauty with sand dunes and turquoise waters that fascinate!