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Sapienza is located off the southwest coast of Messinia, at a distance of about 2 nautical miles from Methoni. Together with Schiza, Agia Marina and Venetiko they form the Messinian Oinousses complex. Its name is of Italian origin and means wisdom. Several shipwrecks have been noted on its shores, one of which contained the columns from the great peristyle that Herod had built in Caesarea, Palestine in 1 AD. century, while another contained Roman sarcophagi (ancient tombs) with their covers.

The Sarcophagi are one of the top attractions of the area, while they are also visible from the boat.

Sapienza is part of the Natura 2000 network, as it includes rare evergreen broadleaf forests. An area of 240 acres of the island has been officially declared a preserved natural monument, known as Spartolakka. The island is home to a significant population of Cretan goats, known as kri-kri.

In the southern part of Sapienza is the island’s lighthouse, built in 1885, at the request of Queen Victoria of England. It has a height of 8 meters and a focal height of 110 meters. Opposite the Lighthouse is Diadelphi, the famous heart-shaped rock island!

One of the most famous beaches of Sapienza is Ammos, with its white sand and dense bushy vegetation that will make you feel like you’ve found the exotic island you’re looking for! Other places worth visiting are Kokkina, a beach where you will be impressed by its rugged beauty and peaceful aspect,  the Mirrors, the impressive rocks that have taken their name from their shape, Maneta’s Cave from which it is called that the famous pirate and the Cave of the Seal passed by!


It is a rocky island at a very short distance from Sapienza. It is said that the Apostle Paul disembarked from there during his journey from the Holy Land to Rome.


Agia Marina is opposite Sapienza. Not far from the pier, there is a small church easily accessible, dedicated to Agia, where she celebrates on July 17th.


Between Methoni and Koroni, there is Finikounta, a picturesque seaside resort with peaceful beaches and turquoise waters.
The beaches of Mavrovuni, Koumbares, Lampes, Kantouni, Mikro and Megalo Marathi offer vacationers everything they need for the ideal summer vacation, wonderful sandy beaches, crystal clear waters, relaxation and relaxation!


Pylos is amphitheatrically built at the southern opening of Navarino bay, where the famous naval battle took place in 1827 and opened the way for Greek independence. It is the largest natural port of the Peloponnese and at the same time one of the most interesting tourist destinations in Messinia!


A short distance from Pylos, there is the cosmopolitan Gialova and the bay of Voidokoilia, areas of exceptional natural beauty with sand dunes and blue-green waters that fascinate!